Research on patient-38210 1980-1983

I found a suitcase full of documents on the street. They seem to be notes on the evolution of a person with mental disorders. All notes and drawings refer to patient-38210. I guess that's what they called it. I'm going to put the documents on this page in case anyone is interested.

Transcription of the notes:

The interviews are interesting. His delusions seem to have originated

from some kind of traumatic experience. Probably an accident.

He claims to be a kind of investigator.

In his fantasies there are recurring characters.

He says it comes from another dimension. It actually seems to be more complex than that.

He speaks repeatedly of the fenrir foundation, a certain professor Tyr and spookyfox.

Spookyfox appears to be a woman who embodies the heroic fantasies of the subject.

He constantly draws this symbol

Interview 12